Saturday, August 30, 2003

OK, I'm going to take this time to rant about my law school loan debt. Turn away if you're not interested in the crazy lady's ramblings.

I called a consolidation company to consolidate my federal loans. I don't need much, just a slight time extension on the length of the loan in order to lessen the monthly payment load. First, I was shocked to receive an ACTUAL person on the other end of the line (for this reason alone I recommend doing business with Collegiate Funding Services. But then, the actual person tells me that my loan servicer (who shall remain nameless for fear of lawsuits and such) has a policy of refusing to release loans for consolidation if all the loans are held by only one lender. I have SIX federal loans who are all held by one lender, so I'm out of luck. If I want to consolidate, I'll have to do it through my current servicer and lender. Now, I'm a little perturbed by this because all six of my loans were NOT with the same lender when I started. But through the course of business, my servicer made sure to arrange sales of my got it...all to the same lender. So I'm trapped into business with these people for the next ump-teen years because they (as my grandpa would say) snookered me! I'm so aggravated right now!

I don't care why this ad is off the air...I'm just HAPPY it's gone!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

And ME1's Head Exploded...

When I read this post at the Mommy Blawg (thanks for the mention btw). Like the Mommy, when I read Real Simple ages ago, I thought it was less about how simplify and more about how to buy more things to convince myself that I have simplified everything. But hey, I guess you get what you deserve if you think you're going to unlock the mysteries of an easier life by paying $3.95 for a magazine at a newstand.

Anyway, I was incredibly appalled to read that in their article on time wasters, they suggested eliminating breast-feeding. Worse yet, in support of their position, they quoted an OB/GYN who specializes in high risk pregnancies and fetal health. Don't you think they should have at least checked with a pediatrician if they wanted a "medical professional?" An OB/GYN is primarily focused on the mother and getting the baby to term; not what the kid should eat once he/she is out in the world. What poor research! I thought that "Real Simple" was supposed to be the magazine's approach to life, not their staff's collective mental capacity.

As the Mommy indicated, there are many reasons women choose to use formula. You need to educate yourself about your options. I recommend Kelly's AP site or Dr. Sears site for breastfeeding information. Another good source of breastfeeding info (and several excellent rants) is a thread at the Mothering magazine message board.

Hitting the top of my personal list of time wasters: reading Real Simple magazine.

Monday, August 25, 2003

I survived my first day as a bona fide prosecutor!!!

Now I'm going to take a nap.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Are you following the case of the parents who have "kidnapped" their son in order to prevent his undergoing court-ordered chemotherapy? An interesting case, considering precedent.
Am I the only one who finds this headline to be distasteful?

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Treating Newborns with Jaundice

This AP story on jaundice has been picked up by many media outlets. This article lists some of the risk factors for jaundice. If left untreated, jaundice can have very serious complications as the AP article indicates. I wholly support the proposed test, because more information about your baby's health is better than less. However, I'm not so sure I agree with medicating a baby with jaundice when the bili blankets and lights work so well. I don't believe in giving medication unnecessarily if there are effective and less intrusive alternatives. If you are given these options, do your best to make an informed decision.

My daughter developed jaundice during our second day in the hospital. She was bruised at birth--we saw a hand print on her small back from where the doctor literally yanked her out of my body--and had yellowed skin, some lethargy and a slow start to the breastfeeding due to the lethargy. Fortunately, we were in the hospital so they monitored her pretty closely for three days and had us do an outpatient blood test the day after we left the hospital to be certain her bilirubin levels were dropping. As the boston artice indicates, her levels peaked on the fourth day and then began to drop.

The doctor advised us to alternate breastfeeding with formula feeding to "flush out" the bilirubin. Now I know that frequent breastfeeding would have had essentially the same effect, but this was an older doctor (he had actually been the pediatriacian for one of the nurses) and he had a rather limited view of breastfeeding (he knew enough to say breastfeeding is best, but nothing about how it actually works). You can read articles here and here to learn more about breastfeeding a baby with jaundice.

Unfortunately, it took a while to get the yellow tint out of her skin. We were lucky because our hospital made a follow-up call about a week after she and I had been home. The nurse who called had the same problem with her baby and advised us to let our daughter lay around the house in her diaper in a room with a lot of good indirect sunlight. The sunlight helps break down the bilirubin, but you're not trying to tan the baby so indirect light is best.

We tried it and it worked perfectly.
Hogwarts Hodgepodge

Because I'm in need of a little pick-me-up, it's twice the podge!

1) Which ship (relationship) do you support the most and why?I suppose the obvious answer is Ron and Hermione. I think so many people are expecting them, unless JKR decides to kill one of them off. However, the Couple with my whole-hearted support has to be Harry and Ginny. Initially it was because she adored him and she had red hair like his mother--I guess the romantic in me wants him to have the family his parents should have had.

However, Ginny has really come into her own in the Order of the Phoenix. She's clever, funny, brave and intelligent. She's become one of my favorite characters. I think she is perfect for Harry. And Harry is really well overdue for some basic happiness.

2) Which ship do you think is the most ridiculous, meaning it'll never happen? Why? Well I don't really read the fan fic so I don't know what shippers have been proposing, but off the top of my head, here's my list of unlikely couples:

Dumbledore and Petunia
Snape and McGonagall
Lucius Malfoy and Mrs Weasley
Errol and Hedwig

Second set of podge questions:

1) Which Hogwarts House would you LIKE to be in? Why? Any thing but Slytherin! I'd like Gryffindor because they all seem so cool. Ravenclaw because I'd like to think I was smart. Hufflepuff, because I think I am a pretty hard worker.
2) In which Hogwarts House would the Sorting Hat most likely put you? Why? I've been placed in all of them at some point in time, so this is a tough question. I would guess that I'd probably not get Gryffindor because I'm not that brave, so it would probably be down to Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. I think the decision would be based on my mood at the time I was sorted and what kind of day I was having. Slytherin is pretty much out. I don't crave power, other than wanting to be declared Grand Poobah of the Universe, that is.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Good grief. I need a clock, a business card holder, and some sort of briefcase/portfolio for work. I can't find ANYTHING that I like. I never realized I was so picky. the insightful blogging material may come a bit later today. I'm participating in an online shopping spree (mostly looking, very little buying). As soon as I've exhausted all shopping possibilities for today, I promise I'll get back to business.
I believe in a higher power even though I don't attend church on a regular basis. I believe that higher power is sending me a message to wait a bit for baby #2. The official plan is to work for a year and then give it a try when I have family/sick/FMLA available. I'm a little disappointed...but I'm pretty excited about the new job too. [Which I realized I never specifically stated...I'll be working in the Civil Division of a County Prosecutor's Office (I won't say which for safety/security/don't want to get in trouble with the new boss).] I guess we'll have to hope for another Russell sighting next year when I'm ready. Though, I doubt he'll be doing much touring, etc. with the new baby arriving. I guess I'll just have to drag out my DVDs to get inspired. Some people have porn, I have Gladiator and Texas...what is wrong with this picture?

I'm off to study Title 5 of the Code! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm really going to go find some stuff to blog about.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

You try your fertility method, we'll stick with ours

ME2 recently announced that she and her hubby were thinking about having child number two.

I mentioned to my husband that TOFOG (the band which includes Russell Crowe as singer and guitarist) is playing in Chicago tonight. Unfortunately, although ME2 and I have been to several concerts in previous years, we couldn't attend any concerts this summer.

Why are these two seemingly unrelated items mentioned?

My hubby turned to me and said, "Well if she's really serious about getting pregnant again, she should have gone to the concert. It worked for her the last time."

There's still time ME2! I think there are a few concerts left in Chicago.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Butler County, Ohio, Children Services Reorgnization

I wonder if this will work. It sounds a little like a committee building a horse.
Power Outage part two

Our family was also affected by the power outage. We were out of town for a bit. It was very eerie to drive home with no streetlights or stoplights. The only spot that had working lights was around my town's new baseball stadium; somehow I pictured the mayor diverting power to the stadium. Home was quite warm because hubby had turned off the central air before we left. While the baby girl had handled a previous outage pretty well, this one seemed to spook her.

One of our favorite games involves chasing each other around the house while I shout "Where is mommy hiding?" so she knows where to find me. Well, in the candlelight, she saw me take off and chased after me, thinking we were playing our game. I was back in the bedroom, getting ready for bed. Baby girl headed for one of our favorite spots, which became a very dark corner during the blackout. I didn't realize what she had done until I saw her flee the very dark corner at top speed, howling. There was much comforting, cuddling and consoling after that.

What I learned:

1. I give full credit to frontier mommies who changed poopy diapers by candlelight.

2. Bathing a baby by candlelight is a very interesting experience.

3. My daughter is not ready for potty training. And her grandmother has probably traumatized her and set back any potential potty training by several months.

4. People's instincts are not always right (see the second sentence of number three above).

5. A power outage will convince my daughter to go to bed before midnight.

6. A power outage will test the limits of my baby's normally good spirits.

7. My husband will enthusiastically grill food under any conditions at any time of night.

8. We have crickets.
Back on the grid

Yes, folks, we were temporarily disrupted by the giant power outage of 2003. It always feels strange to be part of a historical event...even the non-deadly ones like power outages. I guess Ohio's going to get the blame now.

So what did I learn while without power?

1. Babies get really cranky when they're hot and sweaty.

2. Candlelight is only romantic in the movies.

3. Hot fudge warms up really well on the grill.

4. People act silly when the power goes out.

5. The crickets are really loud on my property.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Check out this article about immunizations.
Hiring tips...hire more friendly people

It seems that friendly employees are more productive than impersonal employees.

Now I understand why we got so much done in ME1's office!
Guilty plea for cancer hoax parents

Robert and Teresa Milbrandt pled guilty in Champaign County Common Pleas Court to felony child endangering, felony grand theft and felony theft. These are the parents who faked their daughter's cancer (even telling her she was sick), in order to make money. Anyone know how the prosecutor cut a deal to drop the felonious assault charges? That just doesn't sit well with me.

In case you don't know, this is the case where the father maintains he didn't know about the scheme and truly believed his daughter was sick. Teresa Milbrandt shaved the girl's head, gave her sleeping pills to make it appear she was receiving chemotherapy, made her wear a protective mask and put her in counseling to prepare for death. She apparently also handled all the doctor visits, phone calls, and bills. Huh? You're a father and your child is supposedly dying from cancer, and you don't go to any of the doctor visits?!?!?!?
Child Welfare Improvements in Iowa?

Iowa is supposed to have a child welfare board to make improvements to the system by Jan. 1, 2004. Problem is, they haven't even figured out who's going to be on the board yet...and their first meeting is supposed to be Monday.
The Job
Well, I've had a day for it to sink in and I still feel the need to pinch myself every now and again. I found a great job...well, actually, it found me. I had interviewed with this place while I was pregnant (yeah, I know, pregnancy insanity hit me pretty hard), and the boss remembered me. He called yesterday and had me come in to the office and offered me the job! (This stuff doesn't happen to me...But I have to admit...I like it.) I guess I'm going to have to reallocate my time and blogging will be a late night event (after my son goes to bed). But I promise I WILL still find things to gab about here, so stop by often.

Personal news
In other news, my uncle got the results of his biopsy and has had a consultation with the oncologist. The good news is that there is a 70-80% cure rate for this type of cancer. The bad news is that the main source of his cancer is apparently the back of this tongue. This is particularly tricky for him, since it will involved chemotherapy for 7-8 weeks. He only has one kidney and there is a chance that chemo could damage it. If that were to happen he would be forced onto dialysis for the rest of his life, since they don't give kidney transplants to people who've had cancer (unless by some miracle we could privately find a living donor...but what are the realistic chances of that happening?). Please say a prayer or two that he's able to kick this cancer to the curb without any lasting damage to his kidney.

A small bitch
$275 every two years to maintain my law license?!?!?!?! Grrrrrr.........

Stupid fun stuff
~We got a cable modem...and I LOVE it! No more waiting an eternity for pages to load.

~Had dinner last night (in celebration of the new job) at Max and Erma's. I had the bacon and bleu cheeseburger....YUM!

~Have you ever had Spiced Chai tea? Lipton makes a pretty decent teabag of this stuff and now I'm completely addicted. It's quite a shot of caffeine for me since I've been on the pregnancy/breastfeeding diet most of the past two years. Pardon if my posts appear jumbled and confused...I'm just getting used to the energy surge.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I got a new job!!!

Story is my anniversary so I'm not going to spend too much time blogging.
Foster Parents' Rights in Ohio

Just to add the Ohio perspective to the Kansas pilot project mentioned by ME2 below:

Ohio law requires that foster parents receive notice of a variety of hearings in abuse, neglect and/or dependency cases including permanent custody hearings, dispositional hearings and custody reviews. The statute also allows foster parents to present evidence at these hearings.

As extensive as these rights may seem the law clearly states that foster parents do not become parties to the action, which ultimately means they do not have the right to appeal or the right to file objections to magistrates decisions. The law has been on Ohio's books since 1999 and seems much broader in granting foster parents access to the hearings than the proposed Kansas law. I'm not sure if any harm has come to any children based on foster parent involvement in the hearings. I think the concerns raised in the article on the Kansas law--that the child will be harmed because "we're increasing the number of people who are going to hear that child's story -- that can be very difficult for the child" is actually pretty minimal. In general, foster parents become quite familiar with their foster child's story. I would expect the foster parents to show some discretion about publicizing the details of that child's life or else perhaps they shouldn't be foster parents.

I do like the idea of the additional advocate for the parents in the proceedings. Parents don't always feel that their attorney is in their corner and sometimes they just need a friendly face to help them sort through the legalese. I do wonder what the financial impact of adding the advocates to the system will be: are they volunteers or court employees or child welfare employees?

Just over one hundred years since its creation, the juvenile system is still searching for the best way to help children and families.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Foster Parents allowed in Juvenile Court hearings
Two Judicial Districts in Kansas will be experimenting with allowing foster parents in to Juvenile Court hearings involving abused and neglected children. I am a little concerned with this quote..."I'm glad they're doing this as a pilot project first," Love said. "We need to be sure we don't harm the child." I guess the children in the pilot program don't count?
It's a tough time to be a kid

An interesting article about zero tolerance in South Florida.

The comment that the courtroom is becoming, in essence, a principal's office is well taken. I don't know about you, but I know the level of intimidation and respect MY principal's office held...when someone was "called to the principal's office," the snickers of contempt and outright "who cares" laughter was quite audible. I'm afraid Juvenile Court is headed the same direction with zero tolerance policies.

Also, I'm beginning to wonder who zero tolerance is REALLY supposed to protect. It seems to be a little like passing the buck to avoid responsibility, if you ask me. All those questions asked after Columbine...where were the teachers? why didn't the school know? Seems as though school officials are just trying to duck out of any liability when something goes wrong.

Lastly...I'm confused about the basic theory of zero tolerance. Would such a policy have stopped any of the school shootings we've seen in our history? If I recall the facts of Columbine, neither of those boys had ever previously taken a weapon to school. So, how would zero tolerance have helped? And how is it a logical extension of the resulting events?
Juvenile Law and Homeland Security

There are no provisions, that I'm aware of, in the Juvenile Code that consider parents who are detainees under the new Homeland Security Act. An Ohio case is the first case that I've heard of that comes even peripherally close to having to consider the issues involved. Anyone familiar with the Homeland Security Act enough to enlighten me, please email us. I'd love to know if it will have any impact on the standard time limits imposed for abuse, neglect, dependency cases.
Another step for woman-kind
We've been added to (Links & Information on Legal Weblogs).

Saturday, August 09, 2003

In a step forward for small-town Ohio, officials of The Ellet Suburban Football League have reversed their decision to ban Stephen Derrig from helping coach his 7-year-old son's football team. Derrig is on disability as a firefighter who contracted AIDS from patients he was asked to help in the line of duty. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought we were past this kind of small-minded knee-jerk reactionary behavior. Hopefully the citizens of Ellet will get a much-needed lesson in AIDS prevention...and compassion...from all of this.

And what's with all the hot-button issues happening in Ohio all of a sudden?!?!?!
My neighbor (three houses down) is selling his house for $220,000!!! That's almost a full $100,000 more than we bought our house for! Now, he's got 1.5 more baths than we do...but he's got more than an acre less of land. The reason I know this is because we received a postcard in the mail from the realtor "announcing" the listing. It says, "Should you know of someone who may be interested in this property, please call me." Isn't real estate a strange business? Do they really expect me to do their work for them? Anyway...if anyone wants an over-priced home in extreme NE Ohio, drop me a note.
A welcome comment from Carolyn Elefant at, about my very opinionated friends and my desire to have Baby #2 (Aug. 4th blog entry).

"The three year gap is fine, but like everything else, there are pros and cons. Same is true for one year gaps and 4-5 year gaps. It's just so unimportant with a blessing like children. Bottom line - just do what you want and everything will work out."

Thanks Carolyn! (I personally enjoy reading your blog and I hope you find something interesting on ours every now and again.)
This post is just to manage my other posts...please disregard...I LOVE Blogger some days.
OK, so you probably knew this was coming. My personal analysis of the "breastfeeding while driving" case in NE Ohio. A lot of my friends and family have asked me how this woman could be found "not guilty" of child endangering. So, I've done what I do research. This is the way I read the law...

Ohio code section 4511.81, dealing with child car seats, specifically allows to out-of-state travelers a defense...that if the home state's law doesn't require a child seat, then they are not required to use one in Ohio.

"(F) If a person who is not a resident of this state is charged with a violation of division (A) or (B) of this section and does not prove to the court, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the person's use or nonuse of a child restraint system was in accordance with the law of the state of which the person is a resident, the court shall impose the fine levied by division (H)(2) of section 4511.99 of the Revised Code."

Michigan's law states that the driver is not required to have a child passenger in a car seat if it is nursing.

Now, as to the Child Endangering...the way the law is written in Ohio, she was NOT guilty of child endangering. The law specifically states that a violation of the child restraint law cannot be used as evidence in any civil or criminal proceeding other than for a violation of the child restraint law. can't be used as evidence of child endangering.

"(D) The failure of an operator of a motor vehicle to secure a child in a child restraint system as required by this section is not negligence imputable to the child, is not admissible as evidence in any civil action involving the rights of the child against any other person allegedly liable for injuries to the child, is not to be used as a basis for a criminal prosecution of the operator of the motor vehicle other than a prosecution for a violation of this section, and is not admissible as evidence in any criminal action involving the operator of the motor vehicle other than a prosecution for a violation of this section."

If there were other evidence (erratic driving, speeding, etc), it would have been a different story.

Welcome to Ohio...where we pass strange laws.

I know there are a lot of people who will talk about the "religious issues" involved in this case, but I'm going to steer clear of those (especially after a quick gander at the website for the "church" in question).
Good Night

I guess the number of hits has made us giddy. Tomorrow we will return to some thoughtful, lawyerly commentary. Most likely.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home

So I'm driving home tonight and I see a new road sign near a construction area and, since it just started raining, I squint to read it. The sign reads, "Clean Water Falling."

I pause for a half second to let that sink in as rain pours on my car.

I live in Northeast Ohio. Near Cleveland. Clean Water Falling? You've got to be kidding me.

Although this person would apparently agree with the sign.
Another Bit of Random Opinion

I wholeheartedly agree with ME2's assessment of the young star in OC. I saw a commercial and thought, "Wow, early Russell Crowe." I'm thinking all the way back to The Crossing for those Russell fans out there.

We also got several hits from a place called The Usual Suspects. Not a bad movie but I kind of saw the ending coming. Not because I'm actually incredibly smart or anything--I just don't trust a lot of people.

Anyhoo. Thanks to the fine folks at the Usual Suspects for linking the bit about the baby names site (which still makes me giggle).
Holy Hit Counter Batman!

According to Site Meter, we had 208 hits on Friday. I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad, the Academy, Bag and Baggage, How Appealing and you, the friendly readers who wandered over to our little spot in the blogosphere.

Like ME2, I suddenly feel a lot of pressure to be pithy, clever and intelligent. Well, it's midnight, so you're just going to have to take what you get.

Friday, August 08, 2003

In a twist on the old Six Degrees of Separation game, a new study finds that 5-7 emails separate most strangers worldwide. How I would have LOVED to be part of this study!
What to do while in Chicago? Why, go see Oprah, of course...or maybe not. Thanks to TV tattle.
Would you watch the Puppy Channel??? Maybe I've had too much Chai tea...because this idea just makes me giggle.
The only reason I can give for my insane number of postings discovery of Spiced Chai tea. Half the caffeine, yeah, if you only drink ONE cup.
I know I shouldn't blog about what I watch on TV...but the Chicago Tribune has a hilarious article about that television phenomenon, Trading Spaces. Of course, some of the humor is lost if you don't watch the show regularly. But if you do watch the show, read it, it'll make you chuckle.
Double Holy Cow!!!

No doubt about it, we've hit the big time! Bag and Baggage has blogged about us in the blawgroll!

Welcome to everyone who happens upon us from bgbg!
Hamilton County, TN is using it's Housing Authority to crack down on unexcused absences in school. Any more than 5 unexcused absences and the Housing Authority reserves the right to terminate the family's lease. Anyone see a problem with this? I feel like I'm back in Con Law and there is some hidden problem/solution in this fact pattern. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out, at least.
An interesting editorial from N.H. about raising the age at which teens can be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.
While I'm glad the juvenile detention center money standoff between county commissioners and the juvenile court administrative judge is over (Fremont, OH), I'm left with one lingering question. $9.12/hour for detention officers? These people work odd hours, under odd/diffcult working conditions...only earning $9.12/hour...something doesn't sit right with me about that. Maybe it's my father's voice in my head saying, "You get what you pay for."
I was willing to listen to the complaints of Summit County social workers, until they started picketing foster parent training classes. How will intimidating prospective foster parents make your working situation any better? Can someone please explain the logic to me?
No Child Left Behind???

In case you're wondering, Ohio and California both have NO "persistenly dangerous" schools in their entires states. I personally know a few children in the Cleveland Public School system who would argue with that determination...but why bother asking the kids? Apparently the game goes something like this...make up your own definition...then announce that your schools don't meet your definition. WHAT?!?!
Holy Cow!!!

We've hit the big time ME1! appellateblog blogged us as a new blog!

Welcome to all those joining us from the big time. Now I feel all this pressure to blog something intelligent...eeks!
My uncle had his tonsilectomy yesterday. They only removed one tonsil, which kind of puzzles me. Only one was enlarged, but wouldn't it make sense to remove them both at the same time and cut down on the possible need for future surgeries? Anyway...they also biopsied his tongue and throat, so we shall see if we're in as good of shape as we thought. Please keep your fingers crossed that the tonsil was the source of the cancer and we're a clear to go with just radiation/surgery on the tumor in his neck.

In my life I've reserved the power of prayer for those times when I really felt like it was important. I just didn't want to bother the head honcho with trivial stuff. This is one of those times when I hope that I've saved enough points to earn just one answered prayer.
I have had a headache for FIVE DAYS! I was being cheap and trying to keep the air conditioner off to save a few dollars on our electric bill...but last night I finally gave in and turned the dang thing on. I hate doing it because it's so nice and cool outside, but my head just couldn't take it anymore. Not that you care, I just felt the need to whine to someone.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

After lacking in blogging inspiration lately, I was struck with a sudden need to gab with my fellow Russell Crowe lovers (you know who you are) after watching The O.C. on Fox tonight. Benjamin McKenzie looks remarkably like a young Russell. I'm not going to do the disservice of posting a picture, since I can't find any that seem to capture that Russell-esque quality I noticed. But if you watch the show (as painful as it may be), you will see that this guy has that something that makes him able to speak volumes without saying a word.

Now, on to my opinion of the show itself. Yes, it's horrible. There are no Aaron Spelling character twists to make it particularly interesting. All the characters are spoiled rotten rich kids whom I assume will develop certain personality crises throughout the run of the season. The problem is, I haven't been given enough in the first episode to care enough to watch again. It's a good thing this Benjamin McKenzie looks like Russell...or I might pass on the show altogether. I'm telling you, give it a look and tell me what you think.

Lord, I hope I don't get hooked on this show!
Not your baby's stuffed animal

I was out shopping tonight with the hubby, my mom and, of course, the baby girl. We were searching for some baby sandals that did not have a one in thick sole. [Tangental Rant Alert--While I realize that thick sole shoes are quite fashionable for adults, how the heck do they expect babies to walk in them?] We found a good leather pair at Marshall's for a reasonable price--I'm one of those terrible parents who can't quite bring herself to buy StridRites for $40 when my little girl will only fit into them for about three months.

We puttered around the kiddie section for a bit and I started rummaging through the stuffed animal bins. I found the usual assortment of rattles and Carter's toys. I pulled on a grey elephant and discovered it was wearing silver stillettos, pink feathers, a silver tassel, and pink elbow length glove. A streetwalker elephant? In the kid's section? Then I found a similarly dressed hippo. Apparently, these animals are from jellycat and are ultrahip.

Having seen them in person, I'm less inclined to think of them as "cutting edge collectables" and more as an example of when stuffed animals go bad, they go really, really bad. I guess we can all look forward to Reform-School Rhino next year.
Vaccinations and basic parenting

Mommy at the Mommy Blawg gives her take on the latest vaccination controversy: i.e. some kids don't get them. She has a really good point about the poor journalism involved in writing the story. She has another good point about the inconsiderate nature of some parents. Chas Rich has another tale of a selfish parent who seemed determined to expose her sick child to the general public. Really people, sometimes you just have to think about others before you do something.

As far as vaccines go, as with anything else, educate yourself before deciding whether you are going to have your children vaccinated. And that means looking at both the pro-vaccination side as well as the anti-vaccination side.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Another Mommy/Lawyer/Blogger

Just found this site today courtesy of Inter Alia. Very cool. I look forward to many interesting topics on families and law from the Mommy Blawg.

Blogging world beware: we Lawyer-Mommies will soon be taking over! (Insert ominous music and maniacal laughter here.)

Monday, August 04, 2003

What is it with people sharing their opinions?
Over this past weekend, I happened to mention to some people that Hubby and I are thinking of trying for Baby #2...three out of the four felt it entirely appropriate to tell me that I should wait for the "perfect" spacing of children (3 years is apparently the magic number, for those of you that are curious). I wonder what it is about people that make them think they can just rain on your parade and tell you your plan isn't "right?" I was really I'm filled with doubt and fear (again). We should've just kept it to ourselves until we were sure it was what we wanted to do. The less outside analysis the better, I think.