Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ditto ME2

I read the same article and thought, "My kid must be compensating for these couch potatoes." She just goes and goes and goes.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Sedentary 3-year-olds??? As I'm currently chasing after a 20-month-old, I find this very hard to believe. Even with television, etc, this kid just doesn't sit still!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

AAP breastfeeding Ad controversy

I've been meaning to link to this article at Loco Parentis for a while now. It links to a page at the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition covering the ethical issues up to the beginning of January. The La Leche League just updated their site with more current info about the Ad Council's decisions. The campaign will begin this spring and if the PR person is to be believed, the strategy (focusing on the risks involved by not breastfeeding) will remain substantially the same.

You can visit the Office on Women's Health breastfeeding site for information about the campaign.
After this week's snow and ice, we've moved from considering a minivan to considering an SUV. When did I grow up?
Do you watch The Apprentice? has an interesting article about the one black woman...I'm sorry...African-American woman on the show. She's been accused of "playing the race card" and I have two comments about that.

First of all...what is the "race card?" Is there some deck of cards that I haven't seen? This is a silly expression and, quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing it whenever race becomes an issue in anything. The negative implications from this phrase alone are too numerous to comment on.

Secondly, Stallworth did make race an issue. But that's not the disturbing part. The disturbing part is that she doesn't make much sense when she does make it an issue. Stallworth was having a disagreement with another contestant on the show about being a b!tch (or something equally adult). The other woman said, "That's like the pot calling the kettle black." At which point Stallworth accused the woman of making a racist comment. OK...I missed something in that exchange I guess. Or maybe I'm just not informed. Was that a logical conclusion to jump to? Is that phrase somehow racist? I'm off to Google to find out.
I am so curious about what is going on in Crawford County that it is just killing me!
An interesting article about the food pyramid. Can you tell I'm all into health, nutrition and fitness these days? I still haven't gotten my exercise tapes...but I'm working on it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hitting, slapping, kicking, head-banging toddlers

No fear ME2, we have been going through the same phase with our daughter. Hubby has taught her to high five instead of hitting or slapping us. It works most of the time;except of course tonight. He swears it only took a few days to teach her. We've also tried time-outs, but I really don't think they work (other than getting the child away from you and out of his/her hitting range). Plus I'm a little worried that she'll start associating her bedroom with punishment and that will backfire on us when we move her from the family bed. Anyway....

You might want to start here: Dr Sears' discipline index. This section explains how the drive for independence causes some unpleasant behaviors. This section gives some helpful tools for modifying behaviors (I've found the "gentle" touch or "one finger" touch somewhat effective). Here's the section specifically on biting and hitting.

I also try to figure out what caused the problem: often she is sleepy or hungry. IF that is the case, I deal with it appropriately. Other times, she's just being aggressive. When that happens, I just set her down, tell her hitting is wrong and walk away. It feels cruel, especially when she cries hysterically after me, but I think it will help her see (eventually) that hitting another being is wrong. Or I am psychologically damaging her for life.

I like this explanation: "Kids do annoying things ?– not maliciously, but because they don't think like adults. ***Remember that what she is doing is developmentally appropriate. She's exploring and learning. "

Hang in there ME2!
Please give me some helpful advice on how to get my 20-month-old son to stop hitting me. We have tried "no" and diversion...but this kid has the memory of an elephant. He will walk clear across three rooms to get back at me to hit me if he's mad enough. Tonight I took a cup away from him so he wouldn't spill hubby's diet pepsi everywhere and he hit me...hard. I told him no, so he turned and hit the puppy...hard. I picked him up and told him no way, absolutely not...and he hit me really hard across the face. He then spent five minutes crying hysterically in his crib because I was too upset to do anything else (and hubby was waiting for the snow plow guy to finish our driveway). Any advice on how to get this behavior to stop?
I would like to take this opportunity to thank for providing today's articles on mental health services for jailed juveniles. (I would give you the link to the LA Times article, but I haven't registered and the application is just too darn long to deal with today.) It is, in my opinion, a real shame that children...and no matter what they've done, they are still children...have to die for someone to pay attention to conditions in juvenile detention facilities. I only hope other detention centers and juvenile facilities take notes before they are faced with the same "problems" California and Arizona are apparently now facing...dead juveniles.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Good-bye Captain Subtext

I was googling around trying to find soemone who could tell me when the Series 4 of Coupling would air on BBC America. I stumbled across the BBC America message board.

This is cool because Steven Moffat, the show's creator, posts there. My favorite Steven Moffat quote so far " We still speak English over here even though we let you guys have a stab at it too."

But it's sad because he confirmed in November that Richard Coyle, who plays the indescribably insane friend Jeff, will not return to the show for this series. Even though there is no "Good-bye Jeff" episode, I believe he went out in a blaze of Jeff-styled glory: Dancing to "Spiderman" while wearing a Spiderman mask and exclaiming he'd created the dance as Patrick woos Sally.

You just have to love a show that includes a scene like that.

Monday, January 26, 2004

You're still really, really bad
Well I have baby bathing duty tonight so I can't post much about the latest PD article on the local Juvenile Court. Apparently, the very reputable Annie E. Casey Foundation offered to help the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court address some of its docketing and detention woes.

Two things struck me as I read this article: "'This is a system we would love to help fix *** But we're looking for places that are serious about doing it and have the political will to get it done.' Lubow (of the Casey Foundation) said the problems here 'aren't new. . . . There isn't a person in our field that doesn't know about Cleveland.'"

That's quite a slam. And as I have mentioned before, it's based on old data. In his letter to the editor, the current Administrative Judge seems to be able to point to some incredible improvements since these studies were conducted. All the same, it is appalling that they have not tapped into the wonderful resources at the Casey Foundation. It makes me wonder if there is something else going on. Does it have something to do with the long battle between the Juvenile Court and the County Commissioners over the location and design of a new detention center? The article alludes to it briefly.

The other thing that struck me was this sentence: "The Case study also concluded that many low-level offenders - youths with no record and who were unlikely to commit other crimes - ended up in the detention center or shelter care inappropriately. " Is the Foundation basing that on the benefit of hindsight? Do they have a magic tool that allows them to accurately predict which kids will reoffend? If so, it should be published on their website for all Juvenile Courts to use freely. Additionally, the Administrative Judge indicated that based on the audit and the Case study, the detention center started using a new risk assessment instrument to improve how kids are screened admission.

I don't want to sound as if the Juvenile Court is not in need of an overhaul. Every system can benefit from constant improvement. But this article is just several paragraphs of Juvenile Court bashing and just one rebuttal paragraph from the Court Administrator?

It's just starting to sound like the PD is pushing some agenda, instead of getting a balanced story. Oh yeah, it is the PD. What was I thinking.

Here's a link to the first article regarding Juvenile Court Dockets.
OK, ME1...time to weigh in on the latest Cleveland Plain Dealer story about the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

I'm afraid my insights wouldn't be terribly constructive (or even professional), so I will keep them to myself.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Household Debate

Let's see what you all think:

My husband and I have different opinions on why Freudian psychology has held on for so long.

He thinks it is because it is simple enough for English Majors to understand.

I am convinced it is because men can't comprehend that the world doesn't revolve around their anatomy.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, January 24, 2004

I was very sad to hear that Captain Kangaroo has passed away. Of course, there already is a whole generation who did not know the joy of Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Bunny Rabbit, or Mr. Moose (my particular favorite). How sad to think they have been replaced with things like SpongeBob SquarePants. Of course, I would argue that the Wiggles are a valuable addition to our pop culture, and I'm sure my son would agree...he's 20 months old and can recognize them on sight.
ME1 has done a great job re-organizing our blog. Me eternal thanks to her!
Controversial Cover Uncovered

THe Mommy Blawg has links to the story about a Sante Fe store temporarily obscuring the current cover of Mothering Magazine, which has an infant breastfeeding. After the store's head office learned about this incident, they compelled the store to display the magazine without plastic wrap and were very vocal about their support of breastfeeding.

Friday, January 23, 2004


I always wanted to sound like Lauren Bacall. Hubby might enjoy that too come to think of it.

My favorite part of the article to which ME2 refers is that the scientists "chose sheep for their experiments because earlier research had shown that properties of sound transmission in sheep and pregnant women were similar." Umm. What were they looking for the first time?

And this is cool: "When the recorded sounds were played back to 30 human listeners to determine how much the fetus actually heard, the listeners understood all of the sentence recorded in the open air, about 70 percent of what was recorded in the womb and about 30 percent of the sentences recorded in the fetal sheep's inner ear." I just hope that 30% doesn't include my shouting at stupid drivers during rush hour--I hadn't given up swearing just yet.
It's my Favorite Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite...

1. I've been singing a lot of the "Eensie Weensie Spider," "Hickory Dickory Dock," "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and "Ram Sam Sam" lately, but I guess those are my daughters favorites right now. I'm straining my brain to think of any songs I love to hear on the radio, but I hate the lame corporate radio in Cleveland so nothing is coming to mind. Maybe "Radar Love." That's a great driving tune. I can't go slow when I hear it, I must turn the radio up and sing loudly when it comes on.

2. would love some good Tandoori Chicken. I had a frozen meal today from Ethnic Gourmet, and while it was tasty, it doesn't compare to real (okay I've probably only had Americanized versions but hey, it's my reality) thing. There was a great Indian take out restaurant that opened near campus during my senior year. Yum! I don't know of a good Indian place in the Cleveland Metropolitan area.

Oooh, I'm going through a journal I've been keeping for several years and just remembered: some mushroomy thing Hubby made for our anniversary (of our first date--this was ages ago before we married). Yum Yum. That was fabulous.

3. show?It would be Firefly. Yeah, I know it was cancelled (well before it's time you Fox Network cretins), but even cancelled, it's still one of the best shows around. Darling, sweet Hubby gave me the series on DVD and we watched a couple episodes tonight. Every time we watch an episode I am struck by what a great show it is, far better than Buffy or Angel (I enjoy both). The cast was incredible and the episodes were exciting, enigmatic and funny. Instead we're blessed with cheap but profitable shows like American Idol, which I can't stand--sorry.

When I become Grand Poobah of the Universe, I'm gonna buy my own sci-fi channel and resurrect Serenity, and Earth 2, and Farscape, and maybe Space, Above and Beyond, and......

4. ...scent?Commercial scent: It's something from Aveda. Ummm Air and Water, refreshing mix or invigorating or something. I know it when I smell it!

Natural Scent: The air after a good spring rain.

5. ...quote? I used to keep quote books and now it's late and I can't think of any. I'll have to track one down later.


"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons. For you are crunchy and taste good with tartar sauce."
So I sounded like Lauren Bacall behind a heavy curtain to my son when he was first born?

So it explains nothing and pretty much means nothing...I just thought it was interesting.
I'm still following the rather strange case of attorney-shopping by Crawford County Children Services. If anyone has any inside information they'd consider sharing anonymously, drop me a line at our mommiesatlaw email. Thanks!
Great News!

My Uncle came through surgery with flying colors. The surgeon did not have to touch his jugular vein, though he did reportedly remove the lymph nodes from his neck down to his chest and the nerve that controls the ability to lift his right arm. I say reportedly because my Uncle had no trouble lifting his arm to rest it on top of his head yesterday. So...exactly what nerve did the doctor remove? Nobody seems sure.

Quite honestly, I'm exhausted. I wasn't able to concentrate on anything yesterday while I knew he was in surgery. And today I'm so completely relieved I still can't concentrate on anything. Add to that the fact that my boss is going on vacation for three weeks and I'm currently watching an Elmo video for the millionth time this week and you're lucky you're getting even somewhat coherent sentences out of me.

Anyway...thank you all for your means a lot to me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

We're not so bad; Oh yes you are

The Plain Dealer published two letters to the editor regarding the recent article on excessive continuances in the local Juvenile Court (which I discussed here).

The Juvenile Court's Administrative Judge, Joseph Russo makes the same point I did initially--the PD relied on old data without trying to gather any new information regarding how the court does business today. Judge Russo of course has the luxury of getting the current data much more easily than the media, but still I have to wonder if the PD reporter was just to lazy to ask for more recent stats. According Judge Russo, the Juvenile Court has made remarkable strides since the study cited in the original article. He states: "as of Jan. 9, averages just 49 days to process a delinquency or unruliness case from start to finish." The Supreme Court recommends no more than 3 months for unruly cases and no more than 6 months. The CWRU study indicated that " judges could finish cases within 43 days," although as of the December 31, 2001 the Juvenile Court averaged "approximately 112 days to process a [delinquency or unruly] case."

So if the Juvenile Court's numbers are accurate, they have slashed the time spent on these cases by more than half. I have to concede that this change is impressive.

Judge Russo goes on to cite on-going efforts at change: The Juvenile Court has implemented changes suggested by the Ohio Auditor's Office and has created a new risk management tool for detention center admissions. And the Judge ends with a zinger: "Clearly, the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court has and will continue to seek consultation and advice from recognized experts, as warranted, to better accomplish our important mission. The point is, we do strive to discern and to adopt best-practice recommendations - not just any recommendations that come to our attention. "

I'm thrilled that the Cuyahoga Juvenile Court has improved its practices. I tend to be cynical about such things and I remain concerned about the issues raised in my previous post. I hope this trend continues, but perhaps since these changes appear to have occurred exclusively during Judge Russo's tenure as the Juvenile Court's Administrative Judge, I worry what would happen if someone else became Administrative Judge (these elections occur within the court annually).

The second letter was written by Kristen Sweeney, who is described as a candidate for the Juvenile Court (three of the Juvenile Court's six seats are on the ballot this year). Ms Sweeney comments don't add to the discussion much, except to say, essentially, "yeah, what the PD said!"

Her main point seems to be that the Detention Center is not intended for long term
treatment of juveniles post disposition (disposition is the Juvenile equivalent of sentencing). While I would agree that the Detention Center is not capable of treatment, I am not certain that juveniles receive much in the way of effective treatment at either ODYS and YDC due to recent cutbacks in state and county budgets. I assume that Ms Sweeney's advocacy will include funding for appropriate treatments to rehabilitate juveniles. (Is it too much to ask that a candidate have actual ideas for improving a system? Well if the incumbents don't have any solid ideas, I guess I shouldn't expect an outsider to have them.)

Additionally, Ohio law now allows juveniles to be committed to the detention center instead of ODYS or YDC when appropriate. This change does not justify any past or current Juvenile Court practice which allows the judges and magistrates to let a juvenile languish in detention. However, I certainly hope that Ms. Sweeney will become more familiar with Juvenile Law if she joins the bench at the Court.
My family is collectively holding its breath tonight. My uncle goes in for surgery at 6 am to remove the tumor from his neck. It will involve his jugular vein and multiple nerves and muscles. I just don't know what to do or even how to feel. This is the first time in my adult life I've really been faced with any sort of real family crisis. I can only say a prayer and think good thoughts at this point. If you have a moment, and wouldn't mind, I would appreciate any positive vibes you could send out there as well. Thank you.
Is anyone else completely scared by the "talent" on American Idol this season?
I shall remain silent on the SOTU address last's just better that way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

And I thought ONE was a handful

The Michigan Sextuplets have their own website. You can link to pictures of the babies. They are all quite tiny--only one is just over two pounds--and all are on respirators plus what looks like a thousand other tubes and wires. The Hospital has an information page which still lists them as in critical condition (They've clearly waived many of their HIPPA rights).

The family has a wish list and a place for donations should you feel so moved.

I hope for the best. Once they are able to get them all home, I'm not sure they will be able to sleep for the next ten years. Still, they are amazing little miracles. I would guess the parents are worried, but feeling really blessed. And for them, the world has stopped and only revolves around these six new people. (Courtesy of the Mommy Blawg--glad to see you back in action!)
Well, we went cold turkey on the binky-free weekend...and boy, was that rough! We're down to only needing it to fall asleep at night. It stays home from daycare, and they say he's doing just fine without it. [sniffle] I think my baby is growing up. [sob]

Monday, January 19, 2004

Inquiring minds want to know:

How did the Binky Free weekend go? Was it a success? Any advice for our faithful readers?

Ummm, do we have faithful readers?
Don't worry ME2

The Marriage article I referenced here also said that: "And yes, it’s quite fine to talk about your children when you’re spending your time together, because, after all, your children are one of the most important connections you have in your relationship." Just through in several of those "60 second cuddles" she mentions and you will be golden. And well on your way to baby number two! Err, well that will take more than just a 60 second cuddle.

Does this mean there's a viewing of Master and Commander in your future? For inspirational purposes only that is.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

We decided to take ME1's advice and take some "couple" time last night. A friday night date...I could hardly believe it. We were running late, so we ended up not going to the movie (I still have not seen Master and Russell-fan friends would be horrified to know that), and we just went to dinner. Max & Erma's burgers are great, but we had to wait 45 minutes for a table (now I'm remembering why I don't like to go out on Friday nights).

So, we decide to shop during our wait. Hubby has a job interview Monday and needed some new dress clothes. We hit TJ Maxx and buy him a shirt and slacks...and of course we have to baby shop while there despite this being a "baby-free" evening. I did find two pairs of PJs and a Cleveland Indians t-shirt all for $15, so I think I was forgiven for the slip back into baby mode.

We head back to the restaurant and they've already called our name, so we get seated right away. Hubby and I are sitting across a booth from one another when we realize, we have NOTHING to talk about besides our son! His work bores me and my work bores him. What's left?!?!?!

Oh my goodness...this isn't supposed to happen until you're at least 40! What are we going to do? So...we give in and start talking baby. We slip into "next baby" talk. And then we're considering minivans!

Holy he!!

I think we're going to do it, by the the minivan and have a second baby. ACK!

So much for "us time." LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2004

When teaching and the legal system collide, justice does not always result.
OK...maybe this explains that last post. Thanks!
ok...maybe my brain just isn't working tonight (it's been a long day)...but can someone explain this study to me. Because I read it and I don't see where the conclusion of "Women whose first child is delivered by Caesarian section are much less likely to have a subsequent vaginal delivery" can be found. Hmmmm.......???
And you knew it was going to happen, but it's still kind of disappointing...the only woman candidate for President has withdrawn from the race. Now, I don't know much about her politics, but it saddens me to see that women are once again placed in a supporting role in national politics. And if I may get on my political soapbox for a minute...How can Braun endorse Dean after learning that he never had a minority among his cabinet while governor of Vermont? In fact, Dean said he had not even nominated minorities to his cabinet. I guess I'll never understand the ins and outs of politics.
I really hope this isn't bad news for Evenflo...I just love there products and plan to use them again for Baby #2 [no, nothing to tell yet :o) ]. Plus, I'm a big believer in hometown products...and there aren't too many of those left.
As a member of the professional circle of prosecutors and social service agencies, I find the idea that the Crawford County Children Services board is seeking outside counsel to be a bit disturbing. The county prosecutor may not be the perfect solution, but there are prosecutors who LOVE working in Juvenile Law and are very good at it (such as in my county, for example). And the best part is the prosecutor is free to the agency. Anyone have any idea how much outside counsel will cost? Where is that money going to come from? They're not going to release/fire a prosecutor and use that the taxpayers are eventually going to bear the burden of paying this tab. And for what reason?
I am very confused about the point of trying juveniles as adults if the governor is just going to grant them clemency. Here's an original thought...let's just try them as juveniles and be done with it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Remembering your marriage in the midst of all things baby

Kelly's AP site recently posted several articles by Elizabeth Brantley. I was particularly intrigued by How to Have a Happy Marriage When You're Busy Being Parents.

One of the most difficult things about being a parent is balancing my work life, my parenting life, my spousal life and maintain some individual time as well. Unfortunately, when you have this new very dependent little person clinging to you (sometimes literally), it's way too easy to let my spouse come last--probably because he's so pooped from chasing the little dynamo all day that he is (a) too exhausted to complain much, and (b) so grateful when I let him take some alone time.

This article was a gentle reminder that I need to keep working on the marriage thing even while I'm focused on the parenting thing. I know that I am terrible about complimenting hubby. He does a great job with our daughter and our home. We'll never make Better Homes and Gardens, but he is one of two reasons I am so happy to rush home each night.

Monday, January 12, 2004

This just in:

My daughter's fifteenth and sixteenth teeth popped through yesterday! And a fine bunch of pearly whites it is.
Beyonce Knowles and Faith Hill tied for favorite female musical performer at the People's Choice Awards last night?!?!?! I am a skeptic. I admit it. How in the world could there have been a tie??? Were hanging chads somehow involved???
An interesting overview of the battle between the Mahoning County Commissioners and the Juvenile Court.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Disaster Strikes

Hubby and I just discovered the nearby Borders Outlet is closing. It looks as if another one about seven to ten miles away will also be closing. Horrors!

We stocked up on several children's books for our daughter tonight.

They will be open until March 2nd and will continue to get new shipments every Wednesday. I could get a lot of books if I hit both stores every Wednesday until March! Hmmmmm.

Hubby and I saw Return of the King today. It was, as most people are reporting, wonderful. I probably border on being a Tolkein purist. Actually, not really, because I've lurked at message boards containing Tolkein Purists and I don't come that close. However, I love the LOTR. Before we moved, I read the books every year simply to enjoy the lush language and attention to detail in the world Tolkein created. So with Spoilers (although it is likely that hubby and I are the last in this universe to see the movie), here is my good and bad list:

The Costumes
The Sets
The Lighting of the Beacons
Eowyn in Battle
The Paths of the Dead
The Music--intense, haunting and epic. I especially love the music for Rohan.
The Horses charging into battle.
How closely the ending mirrored the books ending.
Shelob--suitably disgusting, I cringed the entire time she was on the screen.
The Witch King
Gandalf in battle--he wields a mean sword and staff!
The expressions in the eye of Sauruman
Viggo owned Aragorn in this movie.

Legolas and the elephant (though still not as bad as the surfing down the steps in Helm's Deep).
The bit about Arwen dying because.... (Gak. Who thought that was a good idea? If I had a box of popcorn I would have chucked it at the screen).
No Scouring of the Shire (The purist in me considers it essential to the story).

And unfortunately, I had read every page of this site several weeks ago, so I had lines from the diaries popping into my head at inopportune moments. It was hard to keep from giggling several times. Go read it. You'll see what I mean. {chortle}

It was a fantastic movie experience and I sincerely hope it wins the oscar this year. I can't honestly imagine any other film coming close, unless the academy wants to go for some arty flick for best picture. ROTK is truly a gorgeous film that will hold up over time.
I have joined an internet message board book club and have started reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. I'm finding it's a very easy read, though the story is set in England and a lot of the brand name references are lost on me. The basic storyline is about a young woman living beyond her means. I can relate to her, as I have lived beyond my means at more than one time in my life. Maybe that's why I feel a little uncomfortable reading this book...Everytime the main character buys something new that she knows she can't afford, I revert to the automatic mental calculations of how much is in my checking account at the moment.

I'm sure there are those of you who understand how a lawyer, especially one just starting out, needs to make those sorts of mental calculations. When you're paying about half of your salary to the student loan people, you realize what debt and money problems really are.

I know, ME1, I should be reading Harry Potter IV first. But I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things as far as being able to pay attention to what I read. As soon as my mind is focused enough, I'm tackling the stack of books that have been calling my name from my bookshelf.
Please keep us in your thoughts as we embark on our first totally binky-free weekend.
(For those that call it something different...binky is our word for pacifier)
We're number two! (sort of)

I was just perusing our stats and someone came here searching for mommies blogger. Well I guess you found some.

The first mommies bloggers to be found were Two Sleepy Mommies--Man can I relate. They took up the first four results, but we were the second mommy blog listed!

Yay for us!

Friday, January 09, 2004

More Friendly Criticism

Like ME2, I am annoyed with the characters on Friends. I think I've mentioned before (but am too lazy to link now) that there has been little growth overall for most of the characters. They have become caricatures instead of people:

Ross was sweet and endearing--now he's just obnoxious and annoying
Joey has just become dumber.
Monica has become more selfish and self-centered.
Rachel has become more vain and self-involved.

Only two characters seem like real people to me:
Chandler has sort of grown--he seems calmer and at peace with where he is in life. Phoebe is not as wacky as she once was. Maybe I'm biased though. Phoebe and Chandler have always been my favorite characters on the show.
Friday Feminist

Today the Paper Chase posted a quick bit about Carrie Chapman Catt, an American Suffragette. It is incredible to realize that it is barely more than 80 years since women won the right to vote.

Here is what the National Women's Hall of Fame has to say about Carrie Chapman Catt.
Loving Joan

Have to gush. I just love Joan of Arcadia. Tonight's episode was glorious and I was totally girly and sobbed at the beginning and the end. The entire cast is simply wonderful. I can understand cancelling Wayne Brady's talk show for poor ratings. But do you really think you're going to do better with a talk show hosted by Tony Danza?!?!?!?!

And how in the he!! did that kid, Ryan Seacrist, get a show?!?!?!?!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

grrr...Blogger still drives me nuts.
I have one complaint about tonight's episode of Friends. Years ago, when the show started, Monica would NEVER have pulled a stunt like she did tonight, lying in order to adopt a baby. She never would have needed Chandler to talk her out of something so horrible. I don't know when or where it happened, exactly, but her character has turned into a royal b*tch...and I'm not happy about it.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Thanks for the Congratulations ME2! I did indeed get a new job today! Exciting both professionally and personally, I don't know when I will start, but it will be a good change from what I currently do--although I remain in juvenile law.

And no joke, here is my horoscope for today:

You currently function as a lightning rod. Electricity becomes you. Someone has to be the deciding factor in an indecisive group of people, and the stars have appointed you. This isn't the classic position of dominance, though. Leadership is possible without control. It's enough to demonstrate and remind. Anyhow, while it's fun putting your philosophy into action, you're on your way to somewhere else. A new job or course of study beckons you. Carrying the memory of these events just helps to make you stronger. It's one more accomplishment to which you can proudly point.

I really don't believe in this stuff, but wow that's pretty good.

And reading the article ME2 mentions here reminds me of why I don't want to know what goes in my medicine.


Reading the article ME2 mentioned here, made me think that with more women in the workplace, and in particular more women in the legal profession, we may be able to gradually shape employment in this country to be more family friendly. This would benefit both male and female employees. You can see that it has been happening over time. FMLA is a good example. But we can force employers to start seriously considering things like reduced or flexible schedules, working from home, job sharing, and longer maternity/paternity leaves.

I was just talking to a fellow lawyer mommy today about the difficulties of going to work and leaving our children at home--though we both consider our families lucky in that we leave our daughters in the loving care of their daddies. We agreed that a ten-month maternity leave made much more sense from a mommy point of view. We'd even accept a six-month leave given that pediatricians don't generally recommend solid food before a baby is six months old (yes I know a few babies who started early based on their advanced growth rate, but the six month limit is considered the average and is intended to reduce the likelihood of food allergies). This change certainly won't happen in time for me during any future pregnancies I may have, but I can advocate for it so that my daughter can have more options when she tries to manage her career and family.
Here is a story that upsets me on so many levels.
An interesting article for all our lawyer mommies.
A TV star with a real cause.

I suppose I'm used to stars who are full of talk and rarely back up their interests with the work necessary to be REALLY involved. A Masters in Clinical Psychology is no easy thing to earn. Kudos to these ladies!
When you read this article about homeless children in NYC, keep this in mind...

No matter the choices of the adults in their lives, these are CHILDREN.

Having worked with a homeless family with children, I urge you to get involved in your community to seek out REAL solutions to this ever-growing problem. And if the spirit moves you, donate food and/or clothes to your local shelter or food pantry.
I'm not much into health studies, since their conclusions usually change every other day. But here is one that really interests me. Diabetes runs rampant in my family, and any information that leads to understanding it is a good thing in my book. Plus, now I have justification for my addiction of choice.
Yesterday I learned a very important lesson...

I am a terrible stunt driver. As I was headed to work at 30 mph, I hit an icy patch and lost control of my little 1995 Cavalier. I slid and slid and slid, finally deliberately spinning the car in circles to avoid oncoming traffic. Luckily, I didn't hit any mailboxes or other cars, and I was able to retrieve my car from the clutches of the snow-filled ditch (which was a lucky thing since my AAA membership had lapsed a while ago). Oh, and yeah, I'm fine too. But when faced with another drive in 18" of snow today, I opted out. I guess it's true that you do learn some things as you get older.
Here's something I've been wondering about.

Check this out and tell me what you think.

We'll talk about it later. :o)
Congratulations to my blogging buddy on your fabulous job move!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


It's Tuesday so I guess I should do a Friday Five (sure that makes sense):

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. Bedtime, mine and hers. We were both yawning during her bath.

2. ...over the next week? The weekends: one set of Grandparents this week; another during the next. Seeing Lord of the Rings in the theater (it could happen). Reading "Big Fish," which I purchased with a gift card I received at Christmas. Listening to my daughter giggle.

3. ...this year? More happy, loving times with my family.

4. ...over the next five years? Spending more time with the little girl, my hubby, practicing for child number two, being pregnant again (someday) and having child number two. Taking a break from the workforce for the equally challenging job of stay at home mommy. Maybe cross-stitching again sometime in the next five years.

5. ...for the rest of your life? Maybe get published someday, of course I actually have to be disciplined about writing. Growing old with hubby. Watching my kids become healthy, kind, intelligent human beings. Reducing my personal debt. Getting a dog.

My goals are simple but satisfying. It's a good life.
Blogger sigh
The post below should have gone up last night, but Blogger was down for maintenance. Doesn't it know I have a resolution to keep?
Who would have thunk it: Continuances causes delays

Today a Cleveland Plain Dealer article revealed an "excessive" amount of delay at the local juvenile court caused by multiple continuances in delinquency and unruly cases. Unfortunately, the data upon which the PD relies is old: it covers an eighteen month period ending December 2001. The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court says it is making strides to improve the way it conducts hearings and the numbers are promising. Under the current Administrative Judge's leadership, the number of cases that exceed the Ohio Supreme Court guidelines has dropped by almost 6,000 cases. You can check the guidelines in The Rules of Superintendence Form D. Cases exceed the guidelines and are reported monthly to the Supreme Court when the court does not dispose of the case prior to the guideline. Lengthy cases are especially problematic in juvenile cases because of the child's age: Children benefit from getting services, treatment and punishment (such as restitution and community service) quickly and stand a better chance of being rehabilitated.

The article cites a local researcher: "I was shocked at how much time could be saved with reducing continuances," said William Sabol, the lead researcher. "When you see three, four, five continuances at pretrial . . . how many times are you that ill-prepared?"

Even more compelling:

And the three boys accused last August of shocking sleeping homeless men with stun guns have court dates in March 2004, seven months after the incident and beyond the Ohio Supreme Court guidelines for prompt trials. Their 19-year-old companion was sentenced within three months of the attack and will finish his jail sentence before his friends go to trial.

It is a very good article by the Plain Dealer, which is rare. You should take the time to read it before it drops from the website.

The reality is that most continuances are requested by the attorneys and granted by the Judge or Magistrate hearing the case. Granting multiple continuances is absurd and does not serve the interest of the child, who is sitting in an overcrowded detention facility, the victim, who is not having his/her needs addressed, the child's family, which is in limbo, or the public, which wants to see justice done. All parties would be better off with a child who is quickly and fairly adjudicated and given treatment, services and some measure of punishment. Continuances are not in the Court's best interest either as this article points out: continuances detrimentally affect the Court's ability to serve the community, promote justice and rehabilitate these children. What may strike some judges as a far worse consequence: continuances make them look bad. In the end, continuances only seem to benefit the attorneys who request them.

While some continuances are necessary, the Juvenile Court should start to scrutinize requests for continuances more carefully. The Judges and Magistrates need to remember that they have a child in front of them, not just an attorney, and that they serve the public good, not just cater to the legal community.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Blogger still drives me nuts!
I'm off now to watch Russell Crowe on Inside the Actor's Studio.

[sigh] Life is GOOD.
So my son has learned to say Daddy...incessantly.

Lord have mercy on me!
What does it take to be a Juvenile Court Judge?

You decide.

Apparently common sense is NOT a job requirement.
I believe I blogged about the "success" of sending kids to juvenile court for basic school violations. Now it seems others have realized there is a valid concern there.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

I need to lose weight. I abandoned my low-carb/diabetic diet for no reason other than laziness. So, in this new year I will be getting my eating habits back in order. I am also currently in search of the best workout I can do in the peace of my one hour of solitude before my son arrives home from daycare. Any suggestions?
What a MORON!!!

I will NEVER again watch The Crocodile Hunter

Friday, January 02, 2004

No, of course they don't want a juvenile jail! But a center to fight terrorism [in Cincinnati?] would be a GREAT idea.
Reasons not to read my local paper:

I feel my mental level dropping with every line that I read.
My two year old gets more out of your paper than I do.
Your paper just plain sucks. the curfew isn't being used for racial profiling. Maybe the police aren't all bad after all?
Looks like Summit County Children Services is headed for an overhaul. I particularly like the term "bloated legal staff"...something just sounds right about that.
Ohio launches online sex offender database.

I suppose this is useful...but I'm almost afraid to look for myself.
They would rather spend $46,000 on legal fees than fund the juvenile court. I am so at a loss over this sort of crap.

We too have troubles [in my county out in the boonies]...stemming from politicians with nothing better to do than argue. There must be some way to knock some sense into these goofballs. Any suggestions?

My boss has filed his petitions for re-election. Please keep your fingers crossed that he wins in November...I really don't want to have to look for a new job again.
"The US is the only country besides Iran that formally allows the death penalty for juveniles"

An interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor on the state of the Juvenile Death Penalty in the United States.
Who says you're an adult at age 18?

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!!!

Here's hoping 2004 is happy, healthy, and prosperous for everyone!