Sunday, December 28, 2003

Breastfeeding Ad Scandal

HipMama provides a detailed report on the scandal involving the AAP leadership succumbing to infant formula lobbyists which has apparently halted the launch of new DHHS pro-Breastfeeding campaign. I read rumors about this problem on several mommy message boards, but this is the most concrete look at the scandal that I've seen.

What I find most appalling is the idea that the new president approved this letter without even consulting his organization breastfeeding experts. I can't really imagine that an Emergency Room Pediatrician needs to know a lot about breastfeeding in his daily job.

The author of the HipMama article, Kate Ellison Granju, has her own blog. And she updates it much more frequently than your friendly mommies at law. She follows up her HipMama piece with more information and links about "hard science behind the new risk-based approach to breastfeeding promotion" here.

(This Scandal--the breastfeeding ad not our glaring lack of posts--received a lot of attention thanks to Instapundit)

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