Friday, February 25, 2005

Boo hiss! The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office thinks they have to BUY a dog for their K9 unit. I think maybe I might have to drop them a line about the value of rescue animals. I even know a rescue that trains for police departments. Heck of a lot cheaper...and you're not contributing to puppy mill business. Think about it.
Isn't this an strange predicament? By suing to end her ex-lover’s right to visitation with her son, a gay mom is essentially going against what the gay community fought when it protested passage of Issue One. She thought it was valid at the she argues it isn't. I don't know that this is so much about gay marriage as it is about this mother's ability to make up her mind.
While I can admire the personal respect Morrow County Prosecutor Charles Howland was trying to give the family, I have to wonder why he doesn't just get into the journalism business if he's so worried about making ethical decisions on what to air. You can't interject personal respect into the law when it suits you...any good lawyer knows that.
An interesting twist of events in Sandusky County.

I've seen this fact our county is falling victim to it right now. The court orders their budget paid (or whatever other order they feel like making), and every other office is left with a gaping hole of a defecit that they simply cannot deal with. Massive layoffs are a result.

Now I have to ask...what good does it do to make orders that insure the full-time operation of a court, if the result means layoffs to the sheriffs and prosecutors? The court can operate however it wants...but if there's nobody to get the bad guys there, then they're going to be operating to an empty house, aren't they?

I know this one in Sandusky is more about courthouse space. But it seems a dangerous thing that judges are allowed to order whatever they see fit without regard to how they fit into the structure of the rest of the county.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I've been sent to collections. Pregnancy brain caused me to forget making a payment on one of my loans last month and now the collections people are calling. You'd think they'd make some allowance for mistakes caused by lack of brain function...but Noooooo...they want their money.
I need a job...again. If anyone wants to hire an attorney with one and a half years experience in the civil division of a prosecutor's office and three years experience in Juvenile Court court services, give me a shout. It seems the state's budget problems are my budget problems and my position will most likely be eliminated (I've heard this tune somewhere before, ME1). I don't require a big paycheck and I have a pretty solid research and writing courtroom and client counseling experience. Beg, beg, beg, beg, beg, beg...
The Ashtabula County Commissioners have decided they're going to try to balance their budget by making some cuts.

Sounds great. Until today's news that they've voted to close down the youth detention center. Ashtabula County will have no place to put juvenile offenders pending adjudication. Why does this not sound right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I just want to see what happens to the blog when we post something after months of silence.