Thursday, May 20, 2004

Good News: More Books

Today we received an order from Chinaberry! This happy event has pre-empted my original plan for tonight's post because as I skimmed some of the books, I immediately fell in love with one in particular: Bunny's Noisy Book.

The Bunny experiences his day through sound after sound from the rustling of birds, his own yawn, to the buzzing of bees, to the thumping of his mother's foot calling him home again. The pictures are lucious and the bunny sometimes seems so real that he could jump off the page. I think I prefer it to Good Night Moon, of course it could just be that Bunny is new to me while I can now recite Moon from memory. Here's a review from a Third Grader--it comes highly recommended.

I found some brief biographical and autobiographical sketches of Margaret Wise Brown. Here is an unofficial site (the official site seems to have disappeared).

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