Thursday, June 24, 2004

A whimper not a bang

Well the new breastfeeding campaign {such as it is} has been released. I can't imagine anyone being inspired to breastfeed by such paltry, lackluster ads. The tv spots border on the ridiculous. The print ads are vaguely offensive. Instead of modeling breastfeeding, we are treated with inanimate objects or food arranged to resemble breasts. Feh.

ABC's 20/20 did a story on it, which reiterates what I've mentioned previously about the controversy. However, this sentence caught my eye: " The changes were so substantial that the ad agency that first conceived the campaign no longer wants to be associated with it." Wow.

Apparently, LLL was so thrilled to have any campaign that it has withheld any criticism that it should rightly be directing at such an weak spirited campaign.

As usual, KellyMom has a great page with links about the campaign and media coverage.

I don't think moms who formula feed their babies should feel guilty, I just wish that I could believe most women were making an informed choice. It seems to me that our culture actually encourages women to go to formula when they have the least little problem with nursing. Even a little breastmilk is better than no breast milk. This campaign does nothing to change attitudes toward breastfeeding.

I'm disgusted.

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