Friday, July 02, 2004

APA Breastfeeding Recommendations Handout

You can find a new Breastfeeding Handout by the APA on the KellyMom Website.

Note to Pediatricians: Read it, Say it, Mean it, Live it.

And for anyone out there wondering, I charted my daughter on the new and improved Growth Charts for breastfed babies (Permalink for that post isn't working). She still was on the low end of the scale--comfortably near the middle at Mean - 2. At least she appeared on this chart.

Of course I have to wonder about the methodology of gathering data for these charts--were these children healthy and eating appropriately? I like the results, but I'd like to know how they got there. Considering my daughter isn't even on the "normal" chart, there is some disparity in growth of formula fed and breastfed babies.

Still, I hope pediatricians consider using these charts for their patients who are breastfeeding. It just makes more sense to use the charts that match how the baby is actually being fed.

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