Monday, October 25, 2004

Do you know all the candidates for office where you live and vote? I don't. And I find it disturbing that our local newspaper is doing nothing to help out the average citizen.

But then again, the Cleveland Plain Dealer can't even decide who to endorse for President. The editorial staff reportedly wants to endorse Kerry and the publisher wants to endorse Bush. Who do you think will win?


Backpetal said...

I certainly don't know all the candidates around here. The intense guilt I feel for being so uninformed is the sole reason I haven't taken advantage of early voting. But let's face it -- how much more informed am I really going to be a week from now?

Donutbuzz said...

Our Supreme Court race is nasty here. Benjamin, the challenger, accused McGraw, the incumbent, of supporting the release of a pedophile. McGraw's support then attacked Benjamin, whose firm represents a pedophile.

Sometimes it's easier NOT knowing who the candidates are!