Monday, November 01, 2004

Not endorsing anyone

However, since there are three Juvenile Court Judges races in Cuyahoga County, I thought I would give you some links so that you can make informed decisions.

Here are the Judicial Ratings from the various Bar Associations. Scroll down to find the Domestic and Juvenile Court Judges. Click on the names for more info.

You can find all the PD endorsements here.
Again, you'll need to scroll down to get to the Juvenile Court Judges.

Finally, you can access the Cuyahoga County League of Women Voters 2004 Voters Guide here.
Use the Local Elections pick list to see the Juvenile Court candidates' qualifications and their answer to a juvenile law issue.

With three Juvenile slots on the ballot, voters can really affect the juvenile bench and the direction the court will take. Think about it.

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