Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Death penalty for juveniles ruled unconstitutional.
"The age of 18 is the point where society draws the line for many purposes between childhood and adulthood. It is, we conclude, the age at which the line for death eligibility ought to rest," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote.

We are FINALLY distanced from countries like Iran, Pakistan, China and Saudi Arabia. Hard to believe we kept such company for so long.

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JSisk said...

Yes we have overcome child executions in this country but now must face the reality that this country has tried and sentenced 10 and 12 year old children to 30 years to life in the adult court system. To lock up and throw away a child at such a young age is disgracful.Our country has the means to do better for these children. The get touch on crime was created by President Bush and intended to get drug users and gangs off of our streets but now has made its way it to the prosectors throughout this nation to try children.I am a child adovate for the state of NC and will not stop fighting until these juvenile laws are changed.If you truly believe that no child should be tried as an adult please visit www.justiceforjuveniles.org and help us with this fight for our children.