Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I have volunteered my time recently for group of volunteers who drive relay style to deliver pets from shelters to rescues and forever homes. Often people say, "I've found the perfect pet...unfortunately, it's also 200 miles away." We make the dream a reality by providing free transport. Additionally, we transport lost dogs home, and help neglected animals get to the right rescue for their needs.

I have already participated in one weekend dachsund, one German Shepherd pup, and one beegle/hound. It went smashingly well...and I encourage anyone who can spare a couple hours drive time to consider this endeavor. You get a good sense of accomplishment when you see a pup get home...and you get free puppy time.

Just tonight, I took in four pups and their mama from a neglectful home. They are woefully malnourished...but you can't tell it by their spirit. There are tails wagging and tongues delivering licks and kisses all over. Hopefully they will be able to get to a rescue within the week. I'll post pics and let you know how it goes tomorrow. I'd forgotten how puppies can wear you out.

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