Friday, February 25, 2005

An interesting twist of events in Sandusky County.

I've seen this fact our county is falling victim to it right now. The court orders their budget paid (or whatever other order they feel like making), and every other office is left with a gaping hole of a defecit that they simply cannot deal with. Massive layoffs are a result.

Now I have to ask...what good does it do to make orders that insure the full-time operation of a court, if the result means layoffs to the sheriffs and prosecutors? The court can operate however it wants...but if there's nobody to get the bad guys there, then they're going to be operating to an empty house, aren't they?

I know this one in Sandusky is more about courthouse space. But it seems a dangerous thing that judges are allowed to order whatever they see fit without regard to how they fit into the structure of the rest of the county.

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