Monday, August 07, 2006


Guilty plea by woman who took son from hospital

Carlsen believed kidney dialysis might be harmful and wanted more time to seek a second opinion.

But doctors convinced a court that the surgery was needed immediately.


Because Carlsen has abided by the wishes of the state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), which had custody of Riley when he was taken, and has complied with the orders of the Pierce County judge handling custody issues in the case, the charge was reduced from felony second-degree kidnapping to second-degree custodial interference, a gross misdemeanor, said King County senior deputy prosecutor Lisa Johnson.


I do not know why, but this story distresses me. Unlike the story of the teenager who wants control over his own medical decisions, this child is at the mercy of two warring factions...his parents and his medical doctors. AND given that there seems to be some uncertainty as to the medical necessity of the procedure at this point in time, I have to wonder...what's going on here that I don't know?

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Mountaineer said...

It seems to me that the whole idea of consent goes down the drain every time this happens.