Monday, September 13, 2004

I figured out that ME1's obsession with purchasing cross-stitch supplies is not that strange. Why have I reached this conclusion, you may ask? Because I have found myself engaging in similar behavior patterns...but with scrapbooking materials. I have no idea where my obsession springs from. It seems to have come on quickly, like an aggressive disease for which there is no treatment.

When given ten free minutes to do with as I please, I choose to scrapbook. And in reality, those ten minute sessions are few and far between. But that does not stop me from buying up all the doo-dads that I can possibly afford for future use.

Yesterday, my illness progressed so far that I drove over an hour to a scrapbooking store, two-year-old AND husband in tow, just to buy some neat paper and stickers.

Do you think there are twelve-step groups for this kind of thing?


Mommies Esq1 said...

If there are any twelve step programs, I don't want to know about them.

I will just happily buy my threads (over-dyeds and silks thank you very much) and fabric and more patterns than I can possibly finish in my lifetime.

It's Mostly Harmless.

Mommies Esq1 said...

I forgot to add:

Been there,done that. Fortunately there was a park near by.

Do you remember that Cross Stitch store in Madison? I've been there three times since July, and they know me by name.