Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I receive some parenting newsletter via e-mail. Today I found this article regarding nudity around your children. The gist of it is that once the kid becomes self aware, it's time to cover up.

Now I'm not talking about being nudists while at home, but wouldn't we be sending the message that nakedness is bad and shameful by covering up? Isn't there some sort of balance between such a prudish view and developing a child's healthy sense of self and body image? How do you walk the line between teaching a child that some things are private and over-reacting so that they see naked bodies as wrong?

Do you think it depends on the gender of the child and the parent?

I definitely didn't find the article very thoughtful or helpful. I wonder if she's a Freudian psychologist?

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Norma said...

I don't think it is prudish to not sexualize a young child. Maybe you were accustomed to wandering around naked before having kids--most people don't, but some do. I think this is what is being referred to.

Ask yourself, what is to be gained by children 5 or 6 seeing Mom naked. Most children develop a sense of modesty on their own and will think you look yucky--all on their own! They'll also think you are very, very old, even if you are 28 or 30.