Saturday, September 27, 2003


You'd think with two mommies posting, we'd have a bit more activity on our little site. I guess it means we're simply two times busier than the average bloggers.

What can I say, work is hectic, baby keeps me on my toes when I'm home, and I have barely enough time to check my e-mail lately.

Waaah Waaaah Waah.

Still life is good. In just a few short hours today, my daughter did a thousand things to make me smile. Today I watched her concentrate as she tried to pick up two balls of different sizes at the same time. Then she picked up a baby doll and cuddled it. And when I said, "Awww, Are you snuggling the baby?" she grinned and pulled it even closer to her. She made happy little yummy sounds as she ate the beef stew her cooked tonight.

Right now she's fallen asleep on the floor; her dad put the doll under her head as a pillow.

I'm very lucky.

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