Thursday, September 04, 2003

Oh Joy! Firefly to go to the big screen. Really.

Courtesy of Maximum Verbosity, I am thrilled to discover that Mutant Enemy will really make a Firefly movie. Like Betty, I want to know what's up with the guys with the blue dishwashing gloves, Book's real story, Mal and the rest of the wacky Serenity gang. And the fine folks at Firefly Fans are pleased.

If you didn't see Firefly when it was on tv, quite frankly you should have. Now we're stuck with dreck like "For Love or Money 2" Thanks a lot people. Shame on you. Just go ahead and buy the DVD. You'll enjoy it.

I know depart to go do my happy dance. Actually I depart because I am sick and so is the baby girl. But I'll throw in a happy dance at some point in time.

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