Friday, September 12, 2003

More Hodgepodge

Because I needed some light fare:

If you had to cast a Patronus charm, what would be your happy memory?
I have a couple. Of course the first would be the birth of my daughter. My wedding day. The first time I realized I was in love with hubby. A road trip I took with several friends a few years ago--We were inspired to be silly and drive to a concert in Texas. Mid-way through the concert my best friend jumped on my back and hugged me, and shouted, "Thank you [ME1]!" She died a few months later so that moment is pretty special to me.

I guess I'm incredibly lucky person to be able to name so many happy memories.

Students are soon starting a new school year, if you were going back to Hogwarts which class would you most look forward to? Which class the least? Well my favorite would not be herbology, because since I've moved to northeastern Ohio, I've been killing plants left and right. I think Charms would be my favorite because I think the Cheering Charm would be pretty handy.

Least favorite would probably be Potions, because I'm a terrible cook. If I can't follow a recipe I can't imagine that I could follow instructions in a Potions class.

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