Tuesday, July 22, 2003

A cool idea

Hubby and I were real movie junkies prior to the baby's arrival. Since her birth, he has seen -0- movies and I have seen two (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I recommend, and Legally Blonde 2, which I don't). I'm still a little sad that I did not get to see the Ents in the Two Towers on the big screen but I'm resigned to see them on our twenty-five inch tv. Sigh. My brother took his son to the movies when he was under a year, but hubby and I just couldn't do that to our fellow movie-goers. Not even for Ents.

Anyway, today I saw this article today and thought, "this would solve my problems. I love that the lights are low but not out completely and that the volume is down, so as not to hurt little ears. No one could complain about breastfeeding in public. I wonder if the theater invests in giant diaper genies? It would be a great way for moms to get together with other moms, but I'm not really keen on the idea of allowing my beautiful daughter to crawl on the movie theater's floor. Eeeeeeew.

Now if only they would start Reel Moms in Cleveland, ME2 and I might be able to catch X-Men 2 or Seabiscuit. Come on, we're at least the peer of Detroit for heaven's sake. I can accept us being behind Chicago, New York, D.C. and L.A., but Detroit????

Of course, that's assuming we can afford the cost of admission after we've spent all our money on diapers and such.

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