Thursday, July 10, 2003

One of the many reasons I've been missing

I mentioned before that I am quite lucky to have such good friends and family. Here's another example of how lucky I am.

When we had my baby girl's birthday party, several family and friends came from across the city and around the country. Hubby's sister even called from Brazil to wish her niece a Happy Birthday. We were really touched by all the people who wanted to share our girl's special day.

Well, you know how hectic party days can be: you see lots of people, but rarely have enough time to visit properly with any of them. Hubby's uncle stopped me briefly to chat about the new Harry Potter book. I mentioned that I really wanted it. I had thought about taking Baby Girl to a midnight purchase, well, because I do wacky things like that. I decided against it because the little one really needed her sleep (and so did mama--man am I getting old). I added that I thought I could squeeze in reading while I was on break at work. But in the end, I had decided not to get it right away (for many reasons--mainly dealing with money but I didn't mention that to Hubby's uncle).

We finished our chat and I ran back to getting things for people at the party and saying good-bye to exiting friends and family.

At some point my Hubby's father and uncle disappeared. I thought, "how strange" but really didn't waste much energy pondering their absence. I continued puttering around the house, chatting with guests and doing whatever I thought was necessary to clean up.

When they returned, the family had gathered in the living room and we were comfortably chattering.

Hubby's uncle beckoned me and saying, "I thought for all you do for this family, you deserved something for yourself." From behind his back, he pulls out the new Harry Potter Book. And not the regular edition. No. It's the deluxe collector's edition. With the special case. And the color endpaper. And the special dust jacket art. I thanked him and tried not to salivate noticeably.

Be still my heart I am a lucky soul, to have someone be so kind.

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