Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hogwarts Hodgepodge

Because I'm feeling a little light and fluffy tonight (didn't take my vitamins today), here's a new meme that I think I'm really going to enjoy:

What would you give Harry for his birthday?

I think I would interview everyone--still living--who knew his parents. I'd compile as many stories about his parents that I could find and give him a giant memory book. I know, he's already got the photo album from Hagrid, but I think he'd really appreciate a few stories to tell him what his parents were really like. Especially after that incident in the Order of the Phoenix.

I might skip Snape altogether though. And I'd probably need to threaten Petunia with an influx of house elves to get her to tell nice story about Lily when they were kids.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Harry!

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