Monday, July 07, 2003

A summertime warning
If you have a "easy-set" or "simple set" pool for summertime cooling off (the kind where you inflate the top ring and then fill up the pool and the ring this one), and you have kids, you should be aware that they pose a serious drowning danger. The very thing that makes them easy to set up is what makes them dangerous. A toddler (or anyone), has only to push down on the top ring enough to climb in, since there are no real supporting walls to hold that top ring up. I saw a demonstration of this particular pool and the ease with which a child can get inside is scary. Until now, my hubby and I had been seriously considering buying one of these we're thinking it's not such a good idea. I guess it's a reminder that we should do our homework before buying any "toy" for our home and our son.

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