Monday, July 28, 2003

Now, the cynical side of me must speak up, if only to give me a place to vent/rant/talk to myself.

I was watching the noon news today, on the station that I used to work at. When they announced the passing of Bob Hope, they played a very nice piece about his life. Being a former employee, however, the sentimentality was somewhat dampened by my realization that the piece was the same one that had been put together several years ago when Bob Hope was ill and in the hospital. Granted, a few additions had been made to the end of the piece, but the main body of it was the obituary that had been edited in anticipation of Mr. Hope's passing YEARS ago. Now I know the news business needs to be prepared and on top of the story, but it struck me as a bit sick and twisted (and therefore I MUST blog about it). I wonder if they have a library of obituaries ready for the possible passing of any number of famous people?

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