Monday, July 28, 2003

Maybe naming the baby isn't their biggest problem

Just what the web needed: a site that compiles really bad baby names accompanied by snarky commentary. It's kind of like television without pity for the pregnant crowd.

Just a sampling:

there is a girl who is in my classes at college, morgan. she is the most popular person in the world. i am a pack rat, so i save newspapers. i was looking through them, and i found out that she was even more popular as a kid then she is now. she is in about seven of the newspapers. then i was thinking, morgan, what a pretty name.i dedicided that mybaby, if it is a girl will be named morgan elizabeth. is that a good name?
Funny, I thought most stalkers were too busy working on their basement shrines to meet someone and get knocked up.

Ahem. Okay. Well it made me laugh out loud.

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