Thursday, August 07, 2003

After lacking in blogging inspiration lately, I was struck with a sudden need to gab with my fellow Russell Crowe lovers (you know who you are) after watching The O.C. on Fox tonight. Benjamin McKenzie looks remarkably like a young Russell. I'm not going to do the disservice of posting a picture, since I can't find any that seem to capture that Russell-esque quality I noticed. But if you watch the show (as painful as it may be), you will see that this guy has that something that makes him able to speak volumes without saying a word.

Now, on to my opinion of the show itself. Yes, it's horrible. There are no Aaron Spelling character twists to make it particularly interesting. All the characters are spoiled rotten rich kids whom I assume will develop certain personality crises throughout the run of the season. The problem is, I haven't been given enough in the first episode to care enough to watch again. It's a good thing this Benjamin McKenzie looks like Russell...or I might pass on the show altogether. I'm telling you, give it a look and tell me what you think.

Lord, I hope I don't get hooked on this show!

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