Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Job
Well, I've had a day for it to sink in and I still feel the need to pinch myself every now and again. I found a great job...well, actually, it found me. I had interviewed with this place while I was pregnant (yeah, I know, pregnancy insanity hit me pretty hard), and the boss remembered me. He called yesterday and had me come in to the office and offered me the job! (This stuff doesn't happen to me...But I have to admit...I like it.) I guess I'm going to have to reallocate my time and blogging will be a late night event (after my son goes to bed). But I promise I WILL still find things to gab about here, so stop by often.

Personal news
In other news, my uncle got the results of his biopsy and has had a consultation with the oncologist. The good news is that there is a 70-80% cure rate for this type of cancer. The bad news is that the main source of his cancer is apparently the back of this tongue. This is particularly tricky for him, since it will involved chemotherapy for 7-8 weeks. He only has one kidney and there is a chance that chemo could damage it. If that were to happen he would be forced onto dialysis for the rest of his life, since they don't give kidney transplants to people who've had cancer (unless by some miracle we could privately find a living donor...but what are the realistic chances of that happening?). Please say a prayer or two that he's able to kick this cancer to the curb without any lasting damage to his kidney.

A small bitch
$275 every two years to maintain my law license?!?!?!?! Grrrrrr.........

Stupid fun stuff
~We got a cable modem...and I LOVE it! No more waiting an eternity for pages to load.

~Had dinner last night (in celebration of the new job) at Max and Erma's. I had the bacon and bleu cheeseburger....YUM!

~Have you ever had Spiced Chai tea? Lipton makes a pretty decent teabag of this stuff and now I'm completely addicted. It's quite a shot of caffeine for me since I've been on the pregnancy/breastfeeding diet most of the past two years. Pardon if my posts appear jumbled and confused...I'm just getting used to the energy surge.

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