Thursday, August 07, 2003

Not your baby's stuffed animal

I was out shopping tonight with the hubby, my mom and, of course, the baby girl. We were searching for some baby sandals that did not have a one in thick sole. [Tangental Rant Alert--While I realize that thick sole shoes are quite fashionable for adults, how the heck do they expect babies to walk in them?] We found a good leather pair at Marshall's for a reasonable price--I'm one of those terrible parents who can't quite bring herself to buy StridRites for $40 when my little girl will only fit into them for about three months.

We puttered around the kiddie section for a bit and I started rummaging through the stuffed animal bins. I found the usual assortment of rattles and Carter's toys. I pulled on a grey elephant and discovered it was wearing silver stillettos, pink feathers, a silver tassel, and pink elbow length glove. A streetwalker elephant? In the kid's section? Then I found a similarly dressed hippo. Apparently, these animals are from jellycat and are ultrahip.

Having seen them in person, I'm less inclined to think of them as "cutting edge collectables" and more as an example of when stuffed animals go bad, they go really, really bad. I guess we can all look forward to Reform-School Rhino next year.

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