Friday, August 15, 2003

Power Outage part two

Our family was also affected by the power outage. We were out of town for a bit. It was very eerie to drive home with no streetlights or stoplights. The only spot that had working lights was around my town's new baseball stadium; somehow I pictured the mayor diverting power to the stadium. Home was quite warm because hubby had turned off the central air before we left. While the baby girl had handled a previous outage pretty well, this one seemed to spook her.

One of our favorite games involves chasing each other around the house while I shout "Where is mommy hiding?" so she knows where to find me. Well, in the candlelight, she saw me take off and chased after me, thinking we were playing our game. I was back in the bedroom, getting ready for bed. Baby girl headed for one of our favorite spots, which became a very dark corner during the blackout. I didn't realize what she had done until I saw her flee the very dark corner at top speed, howling. There was much comforting, cuddling and consoling after that.

What I learned:

1. I give full credit to frontier mommies who changed poopy diapers by candlelight.

2. Bathing a baby by candlelight is a very interesting experience.

3. My daughter is not ready for potty training. And her grandmother has probably traumatized her and set back any potential potty training by several months.

4. People's instincts are not always right (see the second sentence of number three above).

5. A power outage will convince my daughter to go to bed before midnight.

6. A power outage will test the limits of my baby's normally good spirits.

7. My husband will enthusiastically grill food under any conditions at any time of night.

8. We have crickets.

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