Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Everyone likes Anya

The recaplet is up for last night's Buffy series finale at Television Without Pity. They must be sad the show ended: it isn't chock full of biting sarcasm , at least, not as much as usual. Fans at FireflyNet also mourned Anya's untimely passing (well, untimely for a vengeance demon who has been around a few hundred years). I woke up this morning thinking that I am really very upset that Anya is dead. Not my I'm-pretending-the-last-season-of-the-X-FIles-doesn't exist upset. But still, very sad indeed.

Here's a very interesting essay on Spike and Buffy as an example of Courtly Love. I bet the essay's author is thrilled with how last night's episode elaborated on that (Brian de Bois-Guilbert anyone?)

Betty Ragan
has some interesting pov's on last night's ep. Not that I entirely agree with her opinions, but she's always a great read.

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