Thursday, June 19, 2003

1. What if you got to choose what house to be in? (For those who don't know... Gryffindor: brave/noble, Hufflepuff: loyal/kind, Ravenclaw: smart/clever, or Slytherin: cunning/evil.) Hmmm...I was sorted into Gryffindor (yes, I'm a nerd)...and I think that is where I would like to be. It's probably the furthest from my true personality, so it would be a good change for me.

2. What if you got to choose a character with whom to "hook up"? (Sorry to those who haven't read the books -- can't help you here.) There's a part of me that says, "ewww" to this question...but nonetheless...I'm hopelessly in love with Harry. I suppose I have a soft spot for men who've been emotionally neglected but have turned into wonderful adults despite it all.

3. What if you got to choose what kind of wand you received -- how long would it be, what would it be made out of, and what would be inside it? (For those who don't know: wands can be made up of such combinations as 6-inch ash containing dragon heartstrings, or 11.5-inch oak containing unicorn hairs, et cetera.) Unicorn hair, willow, 9 inches...I believe in the power of unicorns and I love willow trees (especially the whomping willow).

4. What if you had to pick one animal to take with you to Hogwarts as a pet (cat, owl, toad or rat) -- which one, and why that animal? I'm a cat person, I have to admit...and I like black cats (perfect stereotype of a witch, I know)

5. What if you had to endure one of the three tasks from Book Four -- which one and why? (For those of you who haven't read up, the tasks were... #1: face a fully-grown nesting dragon with nothing but a wand; #2: survive underwater for an hour to rescue your best friend from its murky depths; or #3: find your way to the center of a hedge maze that is chock-full of magical obstacles.) Well, as ME1 is aware, I haven't actually finished book four just I'll have to pick blind on this one. I think the dragon would be my choice. I love all creatures (big and small)...and would really enjoy the opportunity to figure out how to handle a great mythical beast like a dragon.

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