Sunday, June 22, 2003

I haven't blogged in a while because things have been silly crazy around here. Baby Boy was suffering from some nasty teething stuff last week. For anyone who is get NOTHING done when your baby is teething. You hug and cuddle and rock and snuggle...that's about it. It makes for some difficult blogging.

Luckily my boy conquered the teething pains (with the help of Baby Tylenol) in time to attend the most wonderfully fun First Birthday party for a very special little girl. Thanks again for having my anti-social little guy to your daughter's 1st Birthday, ME1. It was in the park and should've been a great time running around and playing. Unfortunately, Baby Boy has decided that he doesn't like textures on his feet...grass, sand, little prince only likes carpet.

Today I went grocery shopping, made omelets (which my son refused to eat), and managed two hours of scrubbing algae off my deck (during Baby's nap). I'm covered in green goo...but the deck's looking pretty good. And I'm beyond happy that my son has returned to his nap schedule. I think it will make for a much happier boy.

One small complaint, since my mom's out of town and I can't complain to her. Today I learned a valuable lesson about sending the husband to Home Depot without specific instructions. We ran out of deck cleaner and I sent him to get more. Simple task...get the same stuff I've been using all morning. NOPE...he comes back with deck cleaner for pressure washers. We've never owned a pressure washer...probably never will own a pressure washer. Can the man not read?!?!? ugh! So now he's off to the store with our son to get the "right" stuff. I figure I MIGHT get this deck cleaned by the time the sun goes down. I think I'm a little more irritated than usual because the hubster was supposed to clean the deck last summer and never did...hence the green goo growing all over. With every scrub stroke, I get a little more upset.

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