Friday, January 23, 2004

Great News!

My Uncle came through surgery with flying colors. The surgeon did not have to touch his jugular vein, though he did reportedly remove the lymph nodes from his neck down to his chest and the nerve that controls the ability to lift his right arm. I say reportedly because my Uncle had no trouble lifting his arm to rest it on top of his head yesterday. So...exactly what nerve did the doctor remove? Nobody seems sure.

Quite honestly, I'm exhausted. I wasn't able to concentrate on anything yesterday while I knew he was in surgery. And today I'm so completely relieved I still can't concentrate on anything. Add to that the fact that my boss is going on vacation for three weeks and I'm currently watching an Elmo video for the millionth time this week and you're lucky you're getting even somewhat coherent sentences out of me.

Anyway...thank you all for your means a lot to me.

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