Saturday, January 17, 2004

We decided to take ME1's advice and take some "couple" time last night. A friday night date...I could hardly believe it. We were running late, so we ended up not going to the movie (I still have not seen Master and Russell-fan friends would be horrified to know that), and we just went to dinner. Max & Erma's burgers are great, but we had to wait 45 minutes for a table (now I'm remembering why I don't like to go out on Friday nights).

So, we decide to shop during our wait. Hubby has a job interview Monday and needed some new dress clothes. We hit TJ Maxx and buy him a shirt and slacks...and of course we have to baby shop while there despite this being a "baby-free" evening. I did find two pairs of PJs and a Cleveland Indians t-shirt all for $15, so I think I was forgiven for the slip back into baby mode.

We head back to the restaurant and they've already called our name, so we get seated right away. Hubby and I are sitting across a booth from one another when we realize, we have NOTHING to talk about besides our son! His work bores me and my work bores him. What's left?!?!?!

Oh my goodness...this isn't supposed to happen until you're at least 40! What are we going to do? So...we give in and start talking baby. We slip into "next baby" talk. And then we're considering minivans!

Holy he!!

I think we're going to do it, by the the minivan and have a second baby. ACK!

So much for "us time." LOL

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