Saturday, February 21, 2004

Biased Research?

There has much ado about the alleged connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. The Lancet editors, which published the first study leading to the hub-bub, announced recently that they have discovered the scientists who performed the initial study had a "fatal conflict of interest." Apparently, when the study was published, the scientist failed to tell the Lancet that he was also conducting a study to determine if the families potentially harmed could take legal action. Some children actually participated in both studies.

As I've indicated before, when I see a conflict of interest that person and that "research" lose all credibility with me. Even more compelling is the fact that no other studies could link mmr to autism.

As a mommie, I've worried about the effect vaccines will have on my child. I worried because it seemed like we had a ridiculous number of vaccinations for such a small person. It really angers me to learn that this scientist had a pecuniary interest in linking mmr to autism.

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