Thursday, February 05, 2004

Random Mutterings

I have a list of things about which I want to blog but I can't because:

1. Connection is down to 21.6 tonight--so painfully slow that it would take hours to do the work on just one post.

2. I have been spending my down time a little differently this week. A few nights I put a DVD in the computer (Down With Love--fantastic spoof of those 50's and 60's romantic comedies. Plus it has the delightful Ewan. I realized that it is my only good Ewan DVD--he's in Emma but I would guess that he was drinking heavily during the shooting because it's not his best performance. I'll definitely need to increase my Ewan DVD collection soon). Well that was a tangent. Anyway, I put the DVD in and Cross-stitched. Cross-Stitching completely relaxes me (unless I make a mistake and spend twice the time unstitching as I did with the initial stitching). Plus I'm desperately trying to finish a project for a certain mommy blogger I know whose birthday is very soon. It won't be done on time, but since I've been working on it for two or three years, I figure a month late won't matter too much! Here's a link to my favorite designer--she has the best use of color and the most incredible details.

3. Tonight I spent about an hour recording voicemail messages to my pc. Why you ask? Well, I lose access to my work voice mail after this week due to the new job. But I've been saving about ten messages over the last year and a half that involve my daughter. Silly things like, "she likes the Jerry Garcia documentary," or "she hates eating pears with me too," or "we're watching the NCAA tourney." I used to play the messages at work when I was having a bad day. Just listening to the little moments my daughter and hubby enjoyed (and sometimes hearing her chatter in the background) really brightened my day. I wanted to keep the messages "permanently" hence tonight's recording efforts. After an hour, I had acceptable versions of each message. I'm pleased with my efforts.

Anyway, tonight is just a quick on and then off again night for me. I promise bigger blogging over the weekend.

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