Wednesday, February 11, 2004

C'mon ME2!

When you've run out of things to blog, it's time hit the memes! I'd love to see how you mind works. ;o) I obviously hit the memes pretty hard. You can go to Globe of Blogs to find some interesting memes.

For today's meme, I've selected Daydreaming on Paper. After hitting the "Inspire Me" button a few times to get something that would inspire me, this is what I got:

List 10 things from your childhood that you wish all children could have or experience.

1. Parents who love them.
2. Older Brothers (yeah I know--someone wouldn't have an older brother because they would be the older brother...)
3. A true best friend, full of imagination
4. Drinking cold pop out of glass bottles on a warm summer day near fields of black-eyed susans and queen anne's lace.
5. Access to lots of books
6. Dandelion bouquets
7. Mud puddles in which to splash
8. Safety from predators
9. Grandparents who dote on them and lots of loving aunts, uncles and cousins
10. Homemade ice cream, shucking corn, snapping peas and a farm (or at least acres of land) to roam.

Well, that was the best I could do off the top of my head.

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