Monday, February 23, 2004

Resource for Moms who exclusively pump

In a recent issue of Parenting from the Heart, a mom asked if anyone knew of a website for moms who exclusively pump for their babies. That same issue contained a beautiful story by a mom who has exclusively fed her child with breastmilk by pumping (her child was unable to nurse due to medical reasons--just read the story).

I was certain that the web is so large, there must be resources for moms who exclusively pump. I have found a message board for moms who exclusively pump at iVillage. Medela also has an information page for moms who exclusively pump.

Maybe someone will be inspired to create a website devoted to Moms who exclusively pump. I had promised myself that if my daughter and I couldn't get the breastfeeding thing working, I would exclusively pump for her. I was fortunate in that we finally got the hang of it and are still nursing, 20 months later. I have friends who tried to exclusively pump when their children weaned before their first birthdays. They invariably gave up, frustrated at the pumping process. Truth be told, while nursing is obviously an enjoyable bonding experience, pumping is considerably less fun and can occasionally be painful. I am amazed at the commitment and devotion exhibited by the moms on the message board.

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