Thursday, February 26, 2004

New Breastfeeding info at Kelly Mom

Kelly Mom has posted some new information on the presence of flame-retarding chemicals in breast milk. One of the few things I don't worry about simply because if it's in breastmilk, it's only an indication of the contamination that is throughout our bodies. I love how the articles emphasize that breastfeeding is still best for baby and mom.

Kelly Mom now has a page for breastfeeding and speech development. Since the little one is quite talkative, this is another area I don't worry about too much. She has a musical little voice as she speaks in her pretty language. I don't have a complete dictionary for her, but it's wonderful to hear.
My mom heard her in the background while we were on the phone. She said, "It's like she's having a real conversation!"
I said, "She is."
"No, I mean with words and intonation."
"She is; we just don't understand her yet."

I'm just wondering if she will be such a chatterbox when she's speaking our language.

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