Tuesday, February 03, 2004

grrrr...I got a computer virus today. It was disguised as a "question to seller" through eBay. They have this thing where you can ask a seller a question...it goes through their service, but is delivered to your registered email. Well...I got an email asking me a question as though I were the seller of an item. I thought, "uh-oh, somebody has stolen my ID and is selling things (I have a couple friends who this happened to)." So I clicked on the link "to see this item" and got the virus alert from my computer. Luckily, the anti-virus program took care of it and there was no damage, but it still ticked me off. And since this is a new version of the popular scam, where you have to send them information, I thought I would post about it. I didn't have to send them any information...all I did was click on a link and I got a virus! If I find out who is responsible there will be he!! to pay!

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